Brit actor unrecognisable in fat suit as Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Damian Lewis as Toronto mayor Rob Ford (Credit: The Image Direct)
Damian Lewis as Toronto mayor Rob Ford (Credit: The Image Direct)

Now this is quite the transformation.

Under all that fat suit prosthesis is Homeland star Damian Lewis, playing the late Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford.

The stunning transformation comes just a couple of weeks after Lewis was confirmed for the role in the forthcoming movie.

Called Run This Town, it’s being directed by Ricky Tollman, and will tell the story of the journalists who uncovered Ford’s scandalous behaviour while in office.

(Credit: The Image Direct/Getty)
(Credit: The Image Direct/Getty)

In 2013, video of Ford smoking crack emerged, following several years of instances of public intoxication, domestic disturbances and drink driving.

The Toronto Star made the scoop, which eventually led to Ford taking a sabbatical from public service to attend alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

(Credit: Rex)
(Credit: Rex)

Though he ran again for mayor the following year, he was diagnosed with an abdominal tumour and pulled out of the race.

He died in 2016.

The movie will also star Emily Dickinson, Mena Massoud, soon to star in the live-action Aladdin movie, Ben Platt, and Jennifer Ehle.

It’s set for a 2019 release.

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