British Beauty Council Launches New Theme, Census and Membership

LONDON — On Wednesday morning, the British Beauty Council gathered a crowd of beauty enthusiasts at The Petersham — including celebrity hairstylist Sam McKnight, makeup artist Ruby Hammer and directors of beauty agencies and companies — to unveil “A Beauty Industry That Looks Like You,” the theme for the year.

The council is putting together a beauty census that kicks off at the end of the month to change the perception around working in beauty. The research project will reach everyone from salon shop floors to industry giants such as L’Oréal and Estée Lauder.

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The census will also be open to consumers to gauge how they perceive the beauty industry.

“Beauty really does ‘look like you’ and we need to know what you think so we can address the problems, maximize the opportunities and make the industry better for those who work in it and its customers,” said Millie Kendall, chief executive officer of the British Beauty Council.

Millie Kendall, chief executive officer of the British Beauty Council
Millie Kendall, chief executive officer of the British Beauty Council.

“It’s time for the industry to unite in confronting its challenges head-on, so we can reveal its true value to all,” she added.

This year’s British Beauty Week will run from Oct. 23 to 27, where the results of the census will be discussed in more detail.

To increase the visibility of beauty in the U.K., the British Beauty Council has unveiled a membership program with two subscriptions, a virtual and physical one to gather beauty professionals to network.

The virtual package is priced at 65 pounds a year, while the physical membership totals 185 pounds a year.

The latter gives members access to events and data, whereas the former is targeted to those who want to increase their beauty knowledge and get an understanding of the industry.

“We hope by widening our membership scope, we ignite an even stronger sense of community. This is vital for moving the dial and for fostering real change in beauty,” Kendall said.

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