British directors back campaign to correct TV settings

Movie makers claim that your TV settings might be ruining your viewing experience

British directors Michael J. Bassett and Neil Marshall are backing a new campaign to make sure people are using the correct picture settings on their TVs.

The move comes after a poll showed that more than half of consumers don't use the right settings on their home equipment.

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Marshall, who directed 'The Descent' and 'Dog Soldiers', said: “As a film-maker it's very important to me that TVs are set up properly so viewers can watch my movies in the way they are intended to be seen.”

Website AVForums has made a series of instructional videos to show consumers how to make sure the settings for home viewing are correct.

“The default settings of most TVs are optimised for shop conditions and not for viewing content at home,” said AVForums editor Phil Hinton.

“These settings could compromise picture detail and colour - undermining the work of movie and programme directors.”

Excessive brightness is the most common issue, with settings often too high meaning that colour and detail are bleached out.

'Vivid' presets are also over used, whereas TV 'movie modes' usually provide a better picture.