British Police Officer Commended After Confronting Man Armed With Three Knives in Bristol

A police officer in England received a commendation on January 26, 2021, for “selfless courage” after confronting and arresting a Bristol man armed with three knives in Staple Hill on June 16, 2020, Avon and Somerset Police said.

Video shared on January 26 shows the officer, Sergeant Chris Wright, and colleagues telling the man to “put the knife down.” Wright is heard speaking to a radio: “He says he’s gonna come and stab us, can you get firearms here, please.” He then instructs his colleagues to return to a police car.

“I was worried about my colleagues, as none of them were equipped with Taser and they didn’t have time to flee. I told them to get back into the car,” Wright said afterward.

In the video, David Wilkie, age 41, comes down the stairs armed with three knives. Wright discharges his Taser and the man falls to the ground. He is then handcuffed by officers.

Speaking on receiving his commendation, Wright said: “In all my years of service, this is the first time I’ve actually thought, ‘I’m in trouble here,’ but we are well trained in how to deal with scenarios like this, and thankfully the training kicked in.”

Wilkie was jailed for 12 months.