Britney Spears Loves Taking Pix of Boyfriend Sam Asghari in the Bathtub — and Can You Blame Her?

Lea Michele can keep her bedroom series ’cause Britney Spears has one-upped her with… a bathtub series.

The pop star, 35, isn’t the subject of the pictures — her boyfriend Sam Asghari, 23, is — and he’s been sharing them on social media, giving his “lioness” full credit. To date there have been four, and it’s our great pleasure to round them all up for you in one place.

The most recent was posted on Monday and featured the buff model, who recently covered Iron Man magazine, from the chest up in front of a giant window with a city backdrop. (He’s been traveling with Brit-Brit in Asia for her tour.)

“Another one shot by my lioness,” Asghari captioned it.

Earlier this month, the Iranian hunk shared a group of three different photos that Britney had taken. There was this one, which he captioned, “Shot by my better half #B&W,” that showed him relaxing in the tub — full manfuzz — while the jets were going and his hair was slicked back.

The second one showed him smiling — check out those pearly whites.

And the final one showed him getting splashed.

Britney and Sam have been keeping company since last year. As reported, he appeared in her video for “Slumber Party.” He slipped her his number, which she didn’t use until five months later.

And it’s clear she’s glad she did. We have to add that we’re pretty happy she did too.

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