Brooke Shields strips off to comfort ‘vulnerable’ Benjamin Bratt

Brooke Shields has revealed she stripped down in solidarity with co-star Benjamin Bratt so he felt less awkward when filming a scene together.

The pair are starring in Netflix movie Mother of the Bride together, and during one scene, Bemjamin was required to wear nothing but a "modesty sock."

"They have these things called modesty socks, which, for a woman, it’s a modesty triangle and they tape it to you, just where the camera’s going to go. For the poor guy, they don’t tape - they just have a little sheath," the 58-year-old said on The View.

When she realised Benjamin, 60, was "was vulnerable,” in his sheath, she was inspired to do something to make him feel more comfortable.

" I was like, ‘God, I feel like this is so unfair,'" she said. "As a surprise to him, I taped my boobs with those sticky-tape things, and I turned around and dropped my dress just so he didn’t feel like he was the only one.”

As well as starring in the movie, Brooke produced it. It also stars Miranda Cosgrove, Chad Michael Murray, and Rachel Harris. The film will be released on Netflix on 9 May.