Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Melissa Fumero gets real about baby weight and snap-back culture

Tanya Edwards
Melissa Fumero (Photo: Courtesy of Fox)

While we’re living in a time of women celebrating body diversity and definitions of beauty being challenged almost daily, we’re also still stuck in a world that defines a mother’s value by how fast she “snaps back” after giving birth. The pressure to drop baby weight is painfully real, and it’s a lot of pressure to put on a person who just literally grew another human inside herself.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Melissa Fumero, who gave birth last year, obviously felt that pressure and decided to get real about it on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon. Fumero’s supportive tweetstorm started with a retweet of another woman’s thoughts on losing weight after giving birth.

And then she kept going, encouraging a new mom to be kind to herself.

She also signal boosted and agreed with a woman who pointed out that no one has to lose weight, and that is just fine.

And she sent a supportive message to a woman who is tired of her stretch marks being pointed out.

Fumero isn’t the first actor to talk about weight gain during pregnancy and losing the weight afterwards.

Blake Lively recently got very real about how long it took her to lose her baby weight after the birth of her daughter.

“Turns out you can’t lose the 61 lbs you gained during pregnancy by just scrolling through instragram [sic] and wondering why you don’t look like all the bikini models,” she wrote. “Thanks @donsaladino for kickin my A double S into shape. 10 months to gain, 14 months to lose. Feeling very proud.”

Whether a woman runs back to the gym, takes her time losing weight, or doesn’t lose weight at all, it’s so important to remember that it’s her body. What she does with it – or doesn’t – is her business. Fumero’s tweets are a smart reminder that everyone goes at her own pace, and it’s no one’s business but hers.

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