Bros: We faced a “never-ending loop of bulls***” from the press

Tom Butler
Senior Editor

Matt and Luke Goss, the twin stars of pop sensation Bros, say that the level of hostility they received from tabloids at the height of their fame would be “deemed very inappropriate” by today’s standards.

Matt Goss, now a successful singer in his own right, also praised social media for giving public figures the opportunity to instantly rebuff “absurd” stories that are published about them.

“When we were in Bros, back in the day, there was no social media,” Matt Goss shared while talking on BUILD about the new documentary After The Screaming Stops, in select cinemas tomorrow.

“So, if there was an absurd story – and trust me, there were many absurd stories – you literally had to wait until the next interview so that you could right the wrong of the last interviews, so it was a never-ending loop of bulls***”.

“The hostility that we received then,” adds Luke Goss, who starred in Blade II and Hellboy II, “would be deemed very inappropriate, so I think, yeah, things have changed. [Social media] levels the playing field somewhat, so there’s accountability.”

Matt and Luke Goss of Bros perform on stage on ‘The Big Push’ tour at Wembley Arena on December 28th, 1988 in London, England. (Photo by Peter Still/Redferns)

The new film charts the 2017 comeback of Bros who reformed last year after splitting up in 1992. The film delves into some of the ridiculous tabloid headlines generated around the When Will I Be Famous singers’ heyday, and features a sombre clip of the pair on Terry Wogan with the genial talk show host grilling them on rumours around their split which followed soon after.

The London-born twins forged successful careers on their own over the past 25 years, Matt as a singer, Luke as an actor, but they decided to reform for two huge live dates at the O2 last year.

Matt Goss and Luke Goss of Bros visited the BUILD Series LDN studio to talk After The Screaming Stops.

The film is an honest portrayal of the brothers’ fractious relationship with each other, their history, and their fame, and doesn’t steer clear of showing some of the explosive rows that happened on the road to their triumphant gigs.

Although there have been no more gigs since then, the musicians have promised their fans they have plans to continue working together and that there’s more to come from Bros as a band.

“Absolutely, one hundred percent, we will be making new music,” says Matt.

Matt and Luke Goss take a bow during their 2017 comeback gig at the O2. (Lorton Entertainment)

“We want this time to make it on our terms,” adds Luke. “We put this great show together and we’ve only performed it twice. Normally you take that show on the road for a year, and we want to tour that set, we want to fine tune the set, maybe add a song or two.

“And bring that energy and understanding of each other and develop that love affair with music… and also love each other’s contributions, and bring that beautiful energy into a residential studio somewhere in the middle of nowhere and go and make an album.”

After The Screaming Stops is released in select cinemas on 9 November, and on digital download, Blu-ray, and DVD from 12 November.

Watch the full BUILD interview with Bros below.

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