Bruce Campbell Wants Jennifer Lawrence For Evil Dead TV Show

After the announcement that there’s to be an ‘Evil Dead’ television show titled ‘Ash vs. The Evil Dead’, Bruce Campbell - cult icon from the original movies - has revealed he’d like Jennifer Lawrence to feature alongside him.


In a recent interview with FHM, Campbell spoke about the names he’d like to see, which included the ‘Hunger Games’ star.

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“You need at least one hot babe. She came out of nowhere, but she seems pretty interesting. She’s tough, as well,” he says. OK, so the comments are perhaps a tad sexist, but with Lawrence already having dabbled in horror with ‘House at the End of the Street’, and somewhat unsuccessfully, she may not want to go down that path again, or even do TV.

Other names Campbell threw into the mix were, to put it politely, a mixed bunch, but would offer pure entertainment.

David Beckham, Prince Harry and Brad Pitt would, in his mind, make the ideal team, as he explains:

“He’s definitely the pretty boy that goes first, but he’s athletic and he’s a useful tool. He’s nice on the eyes for the ladies, but I’d kill him off in the first 10 minutes. A good first victim,” he says of Becks. While it’s unlikely that the ex-footballer can act or will be available, killing him off after the opening few scenes would be kinda cool.

Prince Harry is (obviously) another impossible name to the roster, but imagine the ratings that line-up would pull in?


“Harry’s got some great chopper-pilot skills. He seems like a good guy, too. He likes to party, so he can raise our spirits. And the chicks like him, so he’d be very popular.”

The other A-lister he’d like in the gang would be Brad Pitt. He’s already starred in and survived the horrors of ‘World War Z’, so surely he’d be fine here, right?

While this is Campbell’s dream team, the reality is quite different. The 10-part series isset to air on cable channel Starz and even get its pilot directed by original helmer Sam Raimi himself, but that won’t nearly be enough to encourage Hollywood’s finest onto the small screen.

However, with the recent success and big names clambering for the lead roles of season two of ‘True Detective’, the casting may still throw a few minor surprises into the works.

Who would you like to see in the new ‘Evil Dead’ TV show?

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Picture Credit: Dino De Laurentis Group, WENN