Bruce Willis says sorry for 'boring' One Show interview

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News

Bruce Willis has said he's sorry for giving a boring interview on BBC magazine programme 'The One Show'.

The Hollywood veteran had flown in to promote the latest 'Die Hard' film, 'A Good Day To Die Hard'.

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But he was less than enthusiastic on the sofa with hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones, who tweeted following their meeting: “Bruce Willis has tired me out. It was a bit of a challenge, to say the least."

“I have to apologise,” Willis said during another promo interview on XFM.

“I didn't get very many compliments about it. They said I was a little stale. But I was so jet-lagged. I'm very sorry, you kids on 'The One Show'.

“I'm sure it's not their problem. I was a little bit boring, I think. I had a little sinking spell, that's all.”

Willis had slated the new film's name during the interview too, asking the hosts: "Let me ask you guys, what about the title? Are you confused by it?

"It's a difficult title. ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’? It's like, have a sandwich and let's go shopping - then die hard.”

'A Good Day To Die Hard' is out nationwide on February 14.

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