Bryan Cranston Wanted For Star Trek 3 Villain?

Ryan Leston
·UK Movies Writer

It looks as though ‘Star Trek 3’ has a fairly good idea of what its new villain should be like… and that’s exactly like Bryan Cranston.

The 58-year-old ‘Breaking Bad’ star has become renowned for the role of Walter White. But perhaps it’s his appearance as the villainous Cohaagen in the remake of ‘Total Recall’ which has led to Paramount Pictures pursuing him for ‘Star Trek 3’.

But would he make a good Trek villain?

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According to Film Divider, Cranston is exactly what Paramount is looking for when it comes to the villain in ‘Star Trek 3’… and they even be in the process of snagging the man himself.

“The major new role for a male actor will be the villain,” they explain. “As we understand it, he’s supposed to be Bryan Cranston-like, to the point that Cranston himself has had words with the studio about taking the role.”

But has he landed the part? It certainly sounds as though he’s interested…

“We don’t know just yet if he said yes, or if this is an all-new character or somebody from continuity, but because they’re shooting for Cranston we at least know the filmmakers want to bring the intensity.”

Of course, Cranston is renowned for his amazing performances in ‘Breaking Bad’… and it’s likely that we’re in store for a villain with a similar morally dubious outlook. At least, that’s what I can see with Cranston in the role.

But that’s not all – it looks as though ‘Star Trek 3’ is looking for three new female actresses to boot.

“One of these will be the captain of another Federation ship,” they explain. “The second will be the President of the United Federation of Planets.” And the third? It looks as though we’ll finally meet McCoy’s ex-wife… although it’s unclear which one it might be.

Obviously, this is a huge deal. For one thing, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ came under fire due to the gratuitous underwear scene which saw Dr Carol Marcus strip down to her undies. But it looks as though ‘Star Trek 3’ might be trying to distance itself from this cringe-worthy scene.

Bringing three strong female characters onto the screen is certainly a big step forward. But will they be any match for Bryan Cranston’s villain? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

‘Star Trek 3’ heads to cinemas on 8 July 2016.

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Picture Credit: Paramount