Bryan Singer Wants A Solo Movie For X-Men’s Mystique

X-Men director Bryan Singer says the popular shape-shifting mutant Mystique deserves a solo movie of her own.


Discussing the matter in a podcast with Empire (quotes via The Wrap), Singer remarked, “I think [Mystique’s] right for [a standalone movie], whether it’s Jennifer [Lawrence] or not.”

The director suggests the character’s appeal comes from her being a little more streetwise than some of her peers.

“Xavier can get into Cerebro and look at the world, but he’d rather just teach classes and see the beauty of mutants and humans co-existing in his mansion in Westchester.

“Along comes Raven with a reality check on the state of the world. It opens up a lot of avenues.”

As portrayed by Rebecca Romijn in the first three ‘X-Men’ movies, Mystique was a fairly clear-cut super-villainess, who used her shape-shifting ability to manipulate the unsuspecting.


However, when reintroduced with Jennifer Lawrence in 2011 prequel ‘X-Men: First Class,’ the character was given a new backstory as the adoptive sister of James McAvoy’s Xavier, and became a more conflicted anti-heroine.

At this point, a solo movie based around Mystique wouldn’t seem too unlikely, if only to captialise on the popularity of actress Jennifer Lawrence, who has become an Oscar-winning superstar since joining the X-Men series.

Given her rising star power, there has been uncertainty as to whether or not Lawrence would want to keep playing Mystique beyond ‘Apocalypse,’ but recently the actress has indicated she’d be happy to reprise the role again.


And given there are ten year narrative gaps between the 60s-set ‘First Class,’ the 70s-set ‘Days of Future Past’ and the 80s-set ‘Apocalypse,’ there’s certainly scope for a solo movie to cover significant ground.

At present, 20th Century Fox have two unrevealed Marvel-based movies lined up for March 2018 and June 2018 respectively.

‘Gambit,’ ‘The New Mutants,’ ‘X-Force’ and the sequel to ‘Deadpool’ all seem likely candidates to fill this slots - but is a Mystique movie out of the question? We shall see.

Picture Credit: 20th Century Fox

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