Bryce Dallas Howard Set For Pete's Dragon Reboot

It’s been revealed that Dallas Bryce Howard (‘The Help’; ‘50/50’) is the latest name on board for the upcoming Disney remake of ‘Pete’s Dragon’.


While reports are still hazy, it’s worth noting that she’s now listed on the cast sheet over at IMDb, but does this mean anything’s set in stone?

Its director, David Lowery, has been busy assembling his cast for the reimagining of the 1977 film that saw live-action mixed with cartoon animation.

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So far, Oona Laurence (‘Penny Dreadful’) will feature as a newly-devised character called Natalie, Oakes Fegley will assume the lead role of Pete, with Robert Redford in ongoing talks to feature in the movie, too.

Howard will likely follow this up after completing commitments to ‘Jurassic World’, and prior to her next project, titled ‘The Free World’, helmed by Jason Lew.


The 2015 version of ‘Pete’s Dragon’ will see some changes from the original, with a new setting and a general update taking place.

Lowery, director of ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’, wants to shoot in New Zealand, with the plot altering from the turn of the 20th Century fishing village setting to a woodland one. Pete’s an orphan raised by a dragon named Elliot, and is about the forest he inhabits coming under threat from human interference.

'Pete's Dragon' follows a growing trend in Disney bringing back old movies and characters from their huge catalogue, with 'Herbie', 2005's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', and most recently 'Maleficent' spawning new movies.

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Picture credits: WENN, Disney