Bryce Dallas Howard used Robert Pattinson-themed stationery ‘for years’

Ellie Harrison
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Bryce Dallas Howard Robert Pattinson: Rex
Bryce Dallas Howard Robert Pattinson: Rex

Bryce Dallas Howard is such a big fan of Robert Pattinson that she used Post-It notes with his face on them “for years”.

Howard, who starred alongside Pattinson in 2010’s Twilight: Eclipse, had a crush on the actor since the vampire franchise began in 2008.

In a new interview on Couch Surfing, Howard revealed one of her best friends knew about her obsession and had “made a bunch of Post-it Notes for me with a picture of Rob’s face”.

She told host Lola Ogunnaike: “Under it, it said, ‘Live dangerously.’ I wrote all my notes on that for years.”

Howard said her interest in Pattinson had irked her husband, the actor Seth Gabel. “When I first saw the first Twilight movie, I watched it with my husband,” she said, “and whenever Robert Pattinson came on screen, I would squeeze his hand so hard.

“At a certain point he was like, ‘Can you stop squeezing my hand when that man goes on screen?’”

Pattinson can next be seen in Christopher Nolan’s new film Tenet, a sci-fi blockbuster set to be released on 12 August.

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