Burger King gives free burgers to clowns this Halloween

Photo credit: Burger King

From Digital Spy

If dressing as Colonel Sanders isn't your bag this Halloween, another fast food-friendly option could be a clown, with Burger King deciding to hand out free Whoppers to some.

But if you're coulrophobic, here's fair warning: stay the hell away from BKs in the US – as this commercial shows.

Burger King is offering free Whoppers to the first 500 people who come in Pennywise-esque garb to select stores this Halloween, which honestly sounds terrifying for everyone involved.

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The promotion is only going on in select US cities - you're in luck if you're holidaying to Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Austin or Salt Lake City - so at least there won't be clowns running rampant nationwide (or at least any more than usual on Halloween).

It runs from 7pm to 3 am on October 31st. If you need some drunchies and are ready to be scared, you know where to go. We wonder if Ronald McDonald is welcome…

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