Buzzworthy: 49ers announce sponsorship with 'below-the-waist grooming' product

Buzzworthy: 49ers announce sponsorship with 'below-the-waist grooming' product

The sometimes-strange partnerships of sports teams and corporate entities comes down to money. And it stands to reason that the more obscure the product, the more that company needs to pay up to be emblazoned on team gear, stadiums, billboards and the like.

The Arizona Cardinals’ stadium was previously named after an online college, even though it’s since been banally renamed by an insurance company. A Greek brothel once saved a local soccer team with its corporate sponsorship. Even Manchester City in buttoned-up old England partnered up with Tinder ... for lots of money, of course.

Our latest curious corporate union comes from the San Francisco 49ers — and a grooming company.

(And the 49ers retweeted it, so you know it’s real.)

Some questions that arise:

  • Do other NFL teams have “below-the-waist grooming partners?” If not, this is certainly historic.

  • Will this turn into a future roster cutdown segment? Something along the lines of ... “The Niners’ roster shave down, presented by Manscaped.” (Related: Why hasn’t Jerry Jones thought of this yet?)

  • This also works with clipping penalties, rare as they might be these days.

  • Also: Is Jimmy Garoppolo somehow behind all of this? He just feels like the perfect system pitch man for this.

We’re in no way bombinating over this in a negative way. After all, it seems like a product some folks could benefit from, and hey, money doesn’t grow on trees. (If it did, we could just manscape off a few stacks, right?)

And really, Manscaped has already cut its way into the sports realm. It’s also the official trimmer of UFC.

One of their products — The Lawn Mower 3.0 — earned a virile endorsement from “verified customer Stephen O,” who wrote: “No cuts, no pulling or tugging, and most importantly no hair."

So until the NFL gets the balls rolling on training camp, we’re going to hone in more on this edgy product.

And we hope that social distancing measures are still in place if any 49ers players are thinking about whipping one of these products out in the locker room this fall.

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