Caine invented own Alfred backstory for Batman

Veteran actor also praises Nolan's directing on the trilogy

Michael Caine has revealed how he invented his own backstory for his character Alfred Pennyworth in Christopher Nolan's 'Batman' trilogy.

The veteran Brit actor then took his thoughts on the butler's history to the director, who gave him his seal of approval.

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Speaking in an interview on the 'Dark Knight' Facebook page, he said: “I played the butler, so you haven't got some great backstory for the blooming butler.

“But I invented a backstory, which is Bruce's father went to the SAS headquarters in Herefordshire to see an officer friend.

“He was in the officer's mess and there was a sergeant there who had been badly wounded and couldn't go back to the war and didn't want to go into Civvy Street, so he took charge of the sergeant's mess, and that's me.

“So what that is is you have this very tough ex-SAS guy who knows all about drinks and service and getting sandwiches and coffee, because he had to learn it for the sergeants mess. So I told [Christopher Nolan] that story and he said, 'oh, I should have written it'.

“Actors always invent a backstory if the writer hasn't.”

Caine also added that Nolan has the attributes of a great director.

“I think that Chris is the new David Lean. But he goes one further than David, because he writes so brilliantly," he said.

“He reminds me of all the great directors I've worked with; Joe Mankiewicz, John Huston. None of them scream and shout.”