Call the Midwife favourite Trixie Franklin 'to reveal she is leaving the show'

Helen George has starred in Call in the Midwife since it began credit:Bang Showbiz
Helen George has starred in Call in the Midwife since it began credit:Bang Showbiz

'Call the Midwife' favourite Trixie Franklin will announce that she is leaving for America in an upcoming episode.

The nurse - who is played by Helen George - has been a part of the BBC period medical drama since its inception in 2012 and on Sunday night's (03.04.24) edition of the programme, she will be seen telling the other characters that she is moving Stateside an attempt to save her marriage to Sir Matthew Aylward (Olly Rix).

However, she will return at the beginning of the next series.

An insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "This series ends with the firm impression that Trixie is off to America to start a new life with her husband and young step-son. But the good news is her trip will be fleeting, and Helen will be back to carry on next year."

Away from the show, Helen is now starring in the leading role of Anna Leonowens in the West End revival of classic musical 'The King and I'.

Helen recently admitted her long-running TV character had become "interesting" in recent years because she has been able to discover things about her that may have been "misconceived" by viewers.

She said: "What's interesting is you could at first glance say Trixie is all about the dresses and the fun and the frivolity and the money, but actually, what's interesting in playing this is unearthing the truth behind their relationship, and how I think Matthew thinks that potentially that is... he has this sort of notion that maybe that's what she's in love with and not him.

"She has these moments when she's thinking, 'The first gift you ever gave me was a bloody cheese plant, and I loved you for that.'

"So I think there's a misconception to her, which has always been the case, and what's so wonderful to discover is this. It’s really interesting to discover her true love for Matthew."