Camila Cabello bared her underboob and abs for new pics, and fans went wild

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Photo credit: Camila Cabello - Instagram
Photo credit: Camila Cabello - Instagram

It's already the end of June and summer is in full swing—which is something Camila Cabello is very well aware of. The pop star just dropped not one, not two, but four photos of herself on Instagram, and she’s rocking a crop top for all it is worth while also showing off her epic core.

In the photos, 25-year-old Camila is working slouchy jeans and a brown top that puts a little underboob and her ultra-strong core on full display. There's Camila with her tongue out, flipping off the camera, running her hand over her toned stomach, and another sassy look featuring a mysterious arm that reaches into the frame.

'🎶 Mon amouuuur, mon amouuuur 🎶,' she wrote in the caption. Aaaand people freaked in the comments. I mean, how could they not.

'PERFECT!!❤️' one wrote. 'C’mon underboob!!!!! 😍🔥👏' said another. But a personal fave was this one: 'Oh My God I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.'

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The body positive star has been on an underboob-and-abs-baring streak lately. Here's the evidence:

Example B:

Example C:

Of course, Camila has been working out hard with celebrity trainer Jenna Willis for several years to stay strong and healthy. Occasionally, Willis will drop BTS videos and info about their workouts, including one Instagram story from back in May that showed Camila crushing an abs workout. In the video, Camila walked herself into a plank position using her hands, did a push-up, and walked herself back up.

Willis told Shape that Camila shows up hard for their workouts, which usually focus on circuits. Her exact words: Camila is 'extremely dedicated.' Those workouts target the whole body and include moves like squat hops, high plank shoulder taps, glute bridges, and more.

Camila told BBC Radio, per Hola, that her ex, Shawn Mendes also helped her to become a healthier eater. 'Shawn has influenced me to be healthier...I was not healthy at all before,' she said. 'I never ate vegetables before. Just like easy vegetables like cucumbers or cold carrots with Caesar. Which, I wouldn’t say are hard vegetables.'

Camila, whatever you're doing, it's workin', ma'am!

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