Camilla Parker-Bowles ignites Twitter after being asked about Harry and Meghan: 'So much shade' Editors

It seems that the rest of the world is still reeling after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced two weeks ago they were stepping back from royal life and moving to Canada.

And although Queen Elizabeth promised that they had "found a constructive and supportive way forward" with the family of three, the royal family cannot escape questions about the drama.

On Monday, Camilla Parker-Bowles seemingly added fuel to the fire after her response to a reporter's question went viral. The video was captured by ITV News' Chris Ship and shared to Twitter, where it's garnered nearly 175,000 views. 

During a visit to mark Prospect Hospice Swindon's 40th anniversary on Monday, the Duchess of Cornwall was asked if she'll miss Harry and Meghan.

The royal paused for a moment and smiled, before responding, "Hmmm... Course."

Although many remarked that the duchess was merely "caught off guard" by the question, others claimed the 72-year-old royal was throwing "shade" at the couple. 

"Camilla is so great!" one Twitter user commented. Meanwhile, another added, "Omg Camilla is my flipping hero. Soooo much shade."

Whether or not Camilla's divisive response was intentional, this isn't the first time she's sent Twitter abuzz with her subtle actions.

In June, the duchess went viral for a sly, half-second moment caught by cameras during a photocall with President Trump. 

The brief footage reportedly showed the Duchess of Cornwall winking at her protection officers as the foursome exited the room. Journalist Charlie Proctor shared the footage to Twitter, writing: "Royal Protection Officer: 'Camilla, if you are in trouble then wink, we will come and rescue you.'"