Can you guess how old this woman actually is?

Photo via Instagram/Puspa Dewi

Plenty of exercise, rest and a solid skincare routine are age-old factors that promise a healthy and youthful appearance. For one mom, this equation is more than true — and she claims that’s what’s helped her stay young.

Puspa Dewi from Jakarta, Indonesia, is 50 years old — but you’d never guess it. The entrepreneur says she is often confused for a woman half her age.

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“People say that the older I get, the younger I look, which I think is true, because I am happier now, the children are all grown up and I get to run a business I love. I guess I am just radiating happiness,” Dewi told Detik.

With more than 250,000 Instagram followers, the mother-of-two is a firm believer in the health benefits of regular exercise, healthy diet and happiness. Listing aerobics, swimming, zumba and badminton among her favourite workouts, she credits her dedication to fitness as the main factor in maintaining her appearance.

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A photo from her birthday featuring her two sons went viral because her followers couldn’t believe the two men were her children. This is a common misconception in Dewi’s life, and something she has turned into a personal business called HadiGenetics, a family venture that shares workout plans and diet tips.

Aside from a rigorous skincare regime, Dewi also follows daily meal plans developed by her sons, Dennis and Daniel.

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