Canadian woman spends savings helping animals injured in bushfires

A Canadian woman has spent most of her savings to help Australian wildlife impacted by the devastating bushfires.

Recent university graduate, Kelsey Trimble, left Canada on January 12 for Australia to deliver donations and hand-made goods to organizations tending to injured wildlife.

The 23-year-old announced her plans on Facebook after donating to Animal Rescue Craft Guild and being inspired by their work.

The Animal Rescue Collective’s Craft Guild is a public group on Facebook with over 230,000 members who are sewing, knitting and crafting much-needed items for affected animals.

The donations and craft goods Kelsey Trimble trekked to Australia from Canada. Source: Facebook

“I recently joined this group and what they are doing for the wildlife in Australia is absolutely amazing. I already contributed through donations, but I also want to bring over some knitted items and/or fabrics for the centres working with these poor babies.

“If anyone is interested in making some knits, follow this page and go to the file section to get the guidelines for how to make everything and what fabrics to use,” Ms Trimble wrote, saying she would happily bring over any donations and items from Canada.

On January 12, Ms Trimble announced she had made it to Australia and had been able to gather a considerable amount of supplies.

“I am so so honoured to be bringing donations from over 20 people in Toronto, Canada, to Australia to help the wildlife during such a terrible time!” Ms Trimble said.

“It was a team effort from all of us and with three checked humanitarian bags at 50lbs (22kgs) a bag, an impact will be made and animals will be helped.

“I’ve never seen people come together like this before, absolutely amazing.”

Of the knitting goods, Ms Trimble brought over 85 nests, 12 bat wraps, 20 pouches, 69 pouch liners, 52 outer pouches, 22 hanging pouches and 2 beds.

The recent university graduate is seen preparing for her flight to Australia. Source: Facebook

She also travelled with more than $1,200 worth of medical supplies and other donations.

Ms Trimble said she used most of her savings to get to Australia, forking out $1,700 on the plane ticket alone.

She spent another $450 flying from Perth to Sydney, and another $400 on a rental car.

“There are so many people in Canada working together to help Australia…we all want to help and are all working together to make that happen from the other side of the world,” she told