Candice Bergen Dishes on Frank Sinatra, ‘Magic Mike,’ and Decorating with Pattern

candice bergen
Shopping with ‘Book Club’ Star Candice BergenJesse Dittmar/Redux

Candice Bergen is no stranger to gracious living with good friends. And while her onscreen persona in Focus Features’ Book Club: The Next Chapter might be palling around the world, Bergen appreciates the quietude of her coastal L.A. home. “I like to keep things to essentials,” she tells ELLE DECOR. “I don’t like to walk into houses that assault you with pattern.” We caught up with the screen legend to chat about her favorite music, movies, and decorating must-haves.

ELLE DECOR: Do you have a signature scent at home?
Candice Bergen:
Rigaud’s Cyprès is the first scent I was ever aware of in a room, in London in a very fancy house. I find it very comforting. I don’t like scents that are so subtle you can’t smell them.

ED: What are you listening to?
Depending on my mood I’ll say, “Alexa, play Frank Sinatra,” and she plays a whole spectrum of Sinatra-like music. Or I’ll say, “Alexa, play Bobby Darin,” if I want something a little perkier, because I can never think of a new person for her to play. It’s so easy, and you don’t have to keep all of these albums scattered all over your house.

ED: Where do you like to shop?
I’ve gotten a few things at the Goop store. I bought an antique Rolex Submariner there, so they’ve done very well by me. It’s the only watch I have. Lucky for me it keeps great time.

ED: What’s a hotel you always want to return to?
I love the elegance and quality of service at Claridge’s. The rooms are nice-looking but not over the top. The restaurant also has a great breakfast.

ED: What is the most treasured design item you own?
My standing Tiffany lamp is one of my most prized possessions. The shade is a poinsettia pattern. It’s magnificent.

ED: You shot Book Club: The Next Chapter in Venice and Rome. Do you have a favorite between the two?
I’m partial to Venice, myself, but I’m excited we’ll be back in Rome to do press.

saint marks piazza in venice italy
St. Mark’s Square in Venice.getty images

ED: Where do you like to shop for furniture?
CB: I have a lot from Rooms & Garden’s former outpost in Santa Monica, including upholstered chairs, stools—I have a lot of stuff from that store.

ED: What would you say is essential to have at home?
Certain things, to me, give a home character and warmth. I always like to have flowers, preferably from my garden or Gelson’s market. Peonies are my favorite. I also like to put out bowls of cherries or tangerines. I especially like tangerines because they give a pop of color.

ED: Where do you turn for design inspiration?
I’m in a perfect little 1950s house in L.A. with beautiful windows overlooking the ocean. I don’t covet anything more, but Nancy Meyers movies always make me want to move to a bigger house, play with a bigger canvas. She does it so well.

ED: Speaking of movies, what have you been watching recently?
I went to a friend’s house and saw the new Magic Mike. This is the third one—I missed the first two. Of course, Channing Tatum is gorgeous and good and very appealing. And then to find out it was directed by Steven Soderbergh!

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