Cannes hit by second high-profile burglary

China Film Group VP has all his luggage stolen from his hotel

The Cannes Film Festival has been hit by a second high-profile burglary.

China Film Group vice president Zhang Qiang revealed that all of his luggage had been stolen from his rented apartment after a break in.

The influential executive reported the news on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, saying that he had returned to his beach residence after dinner to find that the door had been forced open.

“Security in France is so bad, and the [people] are so arrogant,” he wrote, adding a personal slight on the country's people.

[Shots fired during TV interview with Christoph Waltz]

Many other users of the Chinese social network then weighed in with their own stories of 'impolite' French people, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“This film festival is not worth mentioning!”

Later, he added that the Festival organisers and the hotel that his apartment is a part of had since apologised for the incident.

The news comes after Friday's theft of $1 million worth of jewellery from a hotel room.

The gems were to be loaned to film stars at the red carpet events by one of the festival's main sponsors, Swiss luxury jewellery firm Chopard.

But the safe in the room at the Suite Novotel in the centre of Cannes was ripped from the wall and the valuables taken.

In addition, shots were fired while actor Christoph Waltz was filming a live TV interview on Saturday.

People scrambled for cover, and a man was taken away by police. He was later revealed to have been also carrying a knife and a dummy grenade, though the shots fired were blanks.