Capone first reviews mainly focus on Tom Hardy wearing a diaper in gangster movie

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Cinemas may be shuttered for the foreseeable future due to the ongoing global situation, but that won't be stopping Tom Hardy's Capone from being seen.

Ahead of its video-on-demand release tomorrow (May 12), the first critics' opinions have emerged online today.

But instead of focusing on the direction, visuals or the lead actor's portrayal of one of America's most notorious gangsters, they seem to be fixating on another, rather unexpected aspect of the movie – the fact that Hardy wears a diaper on screen.

Photo credit: Vertical Entertainment

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Written and directed by Josh Trank (Fantastic Four), the film focuses on the latter part of Al Capone's life, after he completed an 11-year stint in prison and retired to Palm Island, Florida. There, he battled syphilis, dementia and other health-related issues.

The Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney criticised Hardy's caricature-like performance, as well as the filmmaker's treatment of the aforementioned disorder.

"Trank serves up not one but two scenes of inconvenient defecation, plus a deranged shoot 'em up conducted by Fonse wielding a shiny gold Tommy gun while wearing a saggy adult diaper under his bathrobe," he wrote. "This movie is not going to win points for its handling of the indignities of dementia."

Photo credit: Vertical Entertainment

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Elsewhere, The Wrap's Steve Pond described the outing as "bonkers" and "blood-soaked" in his mostly positive review, before claiming that viewers "haven't seen Al Capone until [they've] seen him chomping on a carrot and wielding a machine gun while wearing a droopy diaper."

Slashfilm's Chris Evangelista seemed to be a fan of the film, too, praising Trank for boldly combining crime drama and horror.

"Hardy's Capone is not the legendary gangster at the height of his Scarface days, but Capone nearing the end of his life, his mind ravaged by neurosyphilis," he writes, noting the same scene touched upon by Pond earlier. "Here is a man who will not live out his final days with dignity."

Capone will land on streaming services in the US on May 12. It has yet to confirm a UK release date.

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