Model Caprice spent £40 on her low-key wedding to millionaire husband

Caprice quietly wed her boyfriend of nine years, Ty Comfort, late last year

With her own business, By Caprice, raking in the cash and a boyfriend worth millions, you’d think model Caprice Bourret and Ty Comfort would have chosen to throw a lavish wedding when they decided to tie the know. The reality was very much more down to earth.

Speaking on White Wine Question Time, the reality TV star revealed their recent nuptials were very low-key – in all aspects.

“It's expensive, these weddings,” Caprice joked with host Kate Thornton. “I'd rather put a down-payment on something or make an investment in my business. Go to the registry office – it’s the way forward. Forty quid – that’s all it cost!”

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Caprice, who started dating Ty in 2011, said they kept their big day hush-hush, with only their best friend and children, Jax and Jett, attending the ceremony at a registrar office. The couple then celebrated by…going back to work.

Caprice said: “We both did cry though during the ceremony. And then we went outside and Ty said, ‘OK, should we go have lunch?’ I said ‘Really?’ He goes, ‘No, you're right. Let's just go to work.’”

The model was formerly marriage-shy, believing she “didn’t need a piece of paper” to show her love. But since having children, her attitude has changed.

After the birth of their two boys, now aged 6, Caprice said she was the one who brought up the idea of marriage. The response though wasn’t quite what she expected.

Caprice, seen here with Ty in 2016, says that women do all the hard work in relationships

“He [Ty] said: ‘No, I'm pretty happy with the way things are.’ I was, like, ‘Seriously? Why don't you want to marry me?’”

The pair eventually tied the knot late last year, just before Caprice appeared on ITV’s Dancing on Ice. While she says there’s no-one she’d rather hang out with than her husband and kids, she does believe that marriage is hard work – especially for women.

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“I think we do have to put more effort into keeping that flame alive,” she admitted. “We have to look after the kids. We have to look after our husband. We have to work. It's hard.

“I am going to take credit for the success of the family and of our relationship. A lot comes from the woman, you know? For me it's quite empowering to know that I am the rock of my family. But it's so worth it: I put in 80% and I get 100% back.”

Hear Caprice talk more about her relationship with Ty, plus how they coped when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour on this week’s episode of White Wine Question Time. Listen now on iTunes and Spotify.