‘Carry On’ film franchise getting ‘non-woke’ reboot

The ‘Carry On’ film franchise is getting a ‘non-woke’ reboot credit:Bang Showbiz
The ‘Carry On’ film franchise is getting a ‘non-woke’ reboot credit:Bang Showbiz

The ‘Carry On’ film franchise is getting a “non-woke” reboot.

It is making a comeback thanks to director Nigel Gordon-Stewart, who said the renewal will stick to its cheeky roots.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “Ask yourself the question: what makes you laugh?

“Chances are it’s lots of different things – a bit of slapstick, a bit of innuendo, a farcical situation, a misunderstanding, some physical comedy, a naughty, witty or cheeky line or a full-on, well told joke.

“We have no intention of making jokes, plots or scripts deliberately in bad taste or with intent to offend anyone, but we can’t guarantee that we won’t, because you just can’t do that anymore.

“People can take offence, even if it’s not intentionally given. We want ‘Carry On’ to be a family entertainment brand with the only intention of making people laugh and enjoy themselves.”

A ‘Carry On’ revival was previously announced in 2003 before it was shelved.

Fans last saw a movie in the series in 1992.

The 31 iconic British ‘Carry On’ flicks made stars of actors including the late Barbara Windsor, Sid James and Kenneth Williams, and were famed for their slapstick humour and bawdy routines.

Nigel added the new films won’t shy away from similar cheeky scenes – which famously included Barbara’s bikini flying off leaving her topless in 1969’s ‘Carry On Camping’.

He said: “We don’t see any need for gratuitous nudity, or what they used to call deliberate vulgarity. We struggle with talk of objectification when you see current television or even social media which is full of sexualised content of both guys and girls.

“We don’t need to make unkind jokes out of nudity, although I’m sure we can all think of some extremely awkward situations in our own lives which, looking back, were pretty funny, so those are fair game.

“Objectification is not on our radar – family entertainment is. We want to be a trusted brand for entertainment and a good laugh for the whole family.

“In these stressful times, let’s just get the family together for a good laugh, from granny and grandad right down to the grandkids.”

Nigel’s upcoming ‘Carry On Beside The Sea’ film will be accompanied by a stage show of the same name that will run on London’s West End.