Report: Carson Wentz plans to ask Eagles for a trade due to 'fractured' relationship with Doug Pederson

Liz Roscher
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It looks like the Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Carson Wentz may be headed for a breakup.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Wentz is planning to ask the Eagles for a trade this offseason “because his relationship with head coach Doug Pederson is fractured beyond repair.”

In a segment on ESPN, Mortensen said that Wentz will also help the Eagles facilitate a trade.

“Carson Wentz, his relationship with the Eagles is all but fractured. In fact, it is fractured. Wentz is expected to ask the Eagles for a trade. He’ll help the Eagles to facilitate a trade. The reaction of Jeffrey Lurie will be vital to this one. But Wentz clearly wants out of Philadelphia and a fresh start somehow else. That will be a big story in the offseason.”

This isn’t a surprise. It has been reported since he was benched for Jalen Hurts in December that Wentz is frustrated with the Eagles and ready to move on. Wentz earned that benching, giving the Eagles 11-plus games of indecision, interceptions and sacks before Pederson demoted him and gave Hurts a chance.

Wentz’s relationship with the Eagles has been the big storyline out of Philadelphia this season, even dating back to before the season began. There were reports claiming that the Eagles’ choosing of Hurts in the 2020 draft hurt Wentz and shook his confidence, and his terrible season is a reflection of that.

Eagles QB Carson Wentz is reportedly ready to be done with Philadelphia. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Eagles QB Carson Wentz is reportedly ready to be done with Philadelphia. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Where could Wentz land?

Despite his dreadful 2020 season, a lot of teams could be interested in fixing Wentz. There’s one team that’s reportedly very high on his list: the Indianapolis Colts.

Frank Reich, the Eagles’ former offensive coordinator, is the head coach there, and he and Wentz were very close when they were on the Eagles together. Plus, Colts quarterback Philip Rivers could be retiring after his one-year deal, leaving an opening that’s perfect for Wentz.

Of course, it’s not that simple. Wentz may want a trade, but that doesn’t mean the Eagles will give him one. Thanks to the four-year, $128 million extension they signed him to in 2019, they’re on the hook for some serious money, and Wentz’s possible willingness to facilitate a trade may not help. In the end, if the Eagles want to keep him, there’s not much Wentz can do.

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