Carvel Is Bringing Back a Fan-Favorite Flavor Not Seen in Over 50 Years

It’s oh-so dreamy.



Some foods bring back waves of nostalgia, and ice cream is at the top of the list of foods that take us back to yesteryear. Few people don't enjoy ice cream (or some non-dairy version of the treat). While brands are constantly coming up with new flavor combos full of mix-ins—such as Häagan-Dazs Vanilla Caramel Pecan or Ben & Jerry's PB S'more—sometimes ice cream lovers want something simple that takes them back to childhood.

Ice cream with a creamy orange-vanilla flavor is one of those childhood faves. Carvel used to have its own version called Orange Dreamy Creamy, but the ice cream shop hasn't carried it in over 50 years. The last time ice cream lovers could enjoy Orange Dreamy Creamy was in 1972.

In honor of Carvel's 90th Birthday, the scoop shop is giving customers a taste of nostalgia with six new Orange Dreamy Creamy items, starting April 1 for a limited time.

Carvel’s Orange Dreamy Creamy Offerings

Not only is Carvel bringing back the Orange Dreamy Creamy soft serve, but it’s also giving the flavor several new twists. These are all the ways Carvel fans can enjoy this limited-time treat.



  • Orange Dreamy Creamy Soft Serve: A creamy orange version of the ice cream shop's Original Soft Serve.

  • Orange Dreamy Creamy Scooped: Golden Oreo and orange marshmallows are added to the Orange Dreamy Creamy Soft Serve.

  • Orange Dreamy Creamy Shake: The nostalgic flavor, hand-spun to "creamy perfection."

  • Orange Dreamy Creamy Sundae Dasher: Layers of Orange Dreamy Creamy Soft Serve, orange marshmallow, and made with Golden Oreo topped with whipped cream and orange marshmallow. This online exclusive is available through ordering at Carvel's website or third-party delivery platforms such as DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

  • Orange Dreamy Creamy Flying Saucer:  Orange Dreamy Creamy Soft Serve sandwiched between two Flying Saucer chocolate wafers. Available individually or as a six-pack.

  • Orange Dreamy Creamy Ice Cream Pop: Orange Dreamy Creamy Soft Serve ice cream pop dipped in white chocolate bonnet, Carvel's version of an instantly hardening chocolate shell.

That's a lot of yummy ways to satisfy your creamy orange ice cream cravings. If you don't have a Carvel near you but you're craving that nostalgic flavor, we have you covered with 10 Ways to Satisfy Your Creamsicle Cravings—all recipes you can whip up at home.

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