Casualty launches MAJOR new chapter with special double-bill, new medics and a dark time for a fan-favourite!

 Casualty logo.
Casualty logo.

Casualty is preparing to enter a new chapter in its history.

With the departure of Derek Thompson AKA nurse Charlie Fairhead as the last original cast member in a special episode called Charlie (9.25pm, Saturday 16 March 2024) it is undoubtedly the end of an era for BBC1’s medical drama.

But the swing doors of Holby ED never stand still and the series, which first aired on 06 September 1986, will enter a dramatic new phase after the senior charge nurse’s emotional exit.

This new beginning kicks off with a 12-parter titled Breaking Point and gets underway with two episodes, the arrival of three new medics to the wards and a painful chapter for fan-favourite doctor Rash Masum.

Here's everything you need to know...

Casualty spoilers beyond this point for episodes System Failure and Core Wounds - episodes 1 and 2 in Breaking Point

The first episode System Failure (BBC One, 8.25pm, Saturday 23 March 2024) follows Rash as he returns to work following the death of his father Ashok at the hospital. When he arrives for duty the ED is a very changed place — clinical lead Max Cristie (Nigel Harman) has upped sticks for a post abroad, his ex-girlfriend, junior doctor Paige Allcott (Shalisha James-Davis) has decided to move on to pastures new, and a Charlie-shaped hole engulfs the department.

In this fresh phase of the long-running medical drama’s history, the ED is run by newly appointed clinical lead Patrick Onley (Waterloo Road star Jamie Glover), while Rash’s doctor cousin Tariq Hussein (Manpreet Bachu who made his first Casualty appearance in Haunted last month) is making himself at home with his new co-workers.

Sadly for grieving Rash, however, it might be a case of too much, too soon… During the episode he convinces himself into thinking he’s fine, but as pressure mounts, the cracks start to show...

Speaking to us in an exclusive interview, Neet Mohan, who plays Rash revealed: “It’s a life-changing turning point and so devastating that it takes Rash to places I never expected him to go.”

Rash can't stand to be in Rida's presence in Casualty.
Rash can't stand to be in Rida's presence in Casualty.

In the second part of the double-bill Core Wounds (BBC One, 9.15pm, Saturday 23 March 2024) the drama is dialled up even further, as an increasingly fragile Rash is rocked by a catastrophic incident that also leaves nurse Rida Amann (Sarah Seggari) questioning her future.

This outing to Holby also introduces Nicole (Sammy T. Dobson, Doctors, Byker Grove) as junior doctor Nicole Piper, who admits that she’s keeping a big secret on her very first shift.

There’s good news for fans of the old guard too, as nurse-turned-paramedic Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) is about to find himself at the centre of a shocking new storyline, which nobody saw coming!

All we can reveal for now is that Jacob is given a second chance to do the right thing… and we love this story for him! Keep an eye out for more revelations coming soon on our Casualty page.

Jacob's drastic actions have serious consequences.
Jacob's drastic actions have serious consequences.

When and where can I watch new Casualty episodes?

Derek Thompson’s exit episode Charlie airs on BBC1 at 9.25pm, Saturday 16 March 2024 - spoilers available here

New chapter Breaking Point gets underway with a double-bill on BBC1 at 8.25pm, Saturday 23 March 2024 - spoilers and exclusive interviews coming soon.

All newly released episodes of Casualty are also available on BBC iPlayer from 6am on Saturdays.

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