Cat walked 12 miles back to the family who gave him away - only to be rejected again

Toby’s long walk home turned out to be for nothing (SPCA of Wake County)

A cat who was given away missed his owners so much that he walked 12 miles home – only for them to reject him once more.

Toby had originally arrived as a stray at the family’s home but, as he wasn’t hitting it off with the cats they already had, they re-homed him 12 miles away.

Toby clearly preferred their place however, and soon set off on the epic trek home.

The SPCA in Raleigh, North Carolina, took Toby in (SPCA of Wake County/Jenny Winston Photography)

Feeling unable to accommodate the determined seven-year-old, the family then took him to a local shelter and asked to have him euthanised.

Opting not to oblige, the shelter called the SPCA in Raleigh, North Carolina, who set about finding a new forever home for the cute kitty.

Toby has settled in well since his arrival back in February, and quickly proved a hit when his plight was shared on social media.

Toby with his new owner, Michele (SPCA of Wake County)


News quickly spread, and Toby’s luck soon changed as a result – last week (on Friday 13th, no less) he was formally adopted by new owner Michele.

She heard about Toby after her sister saw an Instagram post by Beth Stern, wife of shock jock, Howard.

Delighted Michele said she “had no hesitation” that Toby was meant to be hers.

The adorable kitty is now living happily with his four siblings (two humans and two felines) – follow him on Instagram for all the latest.