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Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street (PA Images)

PM tries to win over Cabinet in Brexit showdown

Theresa May is facing a ministerial revolt over the Brexit deal agreed by EU and UK negotiators.

A number of ministers are rumoured to be on the brink of quitting in protest over fears her deal will break up the UK and hand control of UK laws to Brussels.

This morning it emerged the EU said it will retain ‘all the controls’ over the UK under the terms of the current deal, sparking ire among Eurosceptics.

Men murdered five in house blast because woman ‘knew too much’

Three men who allegedly killed five people in a ‘bomb-like explosion’ to gain a £300,000 insurance payout left a friend to die because ‘she knew too much’, a court heard today.

Arkan Ali, Hawkar Hassan and Aram Kurd doused a shop in ‘many, many litres of petrol’ before causing the blast.

Prosecutors said the trio destroyed the shop and the contents to gain an insurance payout through ‘greed’ before intentionally leaving Viktorija Ijevleva to die inside.

Manhunt after attempted child abductions in Greater Manchester

Police are investigating the suspected attempted abductions of three children in Greater Manchester.

A 14-year-old girl was followed by a white van with blacked-out windows as she walked towards an alleyway, when three people wearing balaclavas jumped out and chased her.

Two 11-year-old children were then targeted the following day when a white Transit-style van stopped at a set of traffic lights.

Pro-EU protester hijacks live TV broadcast

An anti-Brexit protester decked out in EU clothing interrupted a live BBC broadcast this afternoon.

The man, who was brandishing two signs, lurked in the back of shot as journalists discussed the Brexit developments.