'Is That Your F**king Question?!' - Cate Blanchett Interview Doesn't Go To Plan

Ben Arnold

Cate Blanchett isn’t in the mood for silly questions.

The star of 'Cinderella' has appeared in an interview for Australian TV while promoting the new Disney movie, and caused reporter Jonathan Hyla much embarrassment.

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Hyla, of Network 10 TV show ‘The Project’, opened the amusingly awkward encounter by saying that Blanchett seemed like ‘the type of person that we should just crack open a beer’.

Feigning outrage at the suggestion, she replied: “This date is not going well, I do not drink beers.”

Hyla then went on to ask: “What should I have brought with me that would have helped break the ice here?”, to which Ms Blanchett gamely suggested a ‘potato vodka’ made in Devon.

She then tries to steer the wayward interview back towards the movie, saying: “Getting back to the movie at hand - one of us has got to do our job - the chemistry between them [the movie’s stars Lily James and Richard Madden] is amazing.”

But it’s the moment where Hyla chips in with his ‘serious question’ that has proved itself to be the awkward comedy gold.

“How were you able to get that cat to do what you wanted to on a leash,” he asks, before beginning to detail his own failures in that regard with his girlfriends cat.

“That’s your question? That’s your f**king question?” Blanchett replies, before adding ‘nice to meet you’ and going in for the high five.

In fact, the interaction between the two is pretty darn charming in the full version of the interview, which Hyla has posted on his Twitter feed.

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