Cecilie Bahnsen Launches Made-To-Order Program

Copenhagen-based brand Cecilie Bahnsen has officially introduced a made-to-order program, giving fashion girlies a chance to the brand's archival, bridal and runway pieces.

Each garment is created by the brand's expertly trained and highly skilled makers, infusing each item with love and a true commitment to craftsmanship. The made-to-order approach ensures waste is limited and every piece receives the attention and care it deserves. After each runway show, Cecilie Bahnsen will release a curated selection of the looks, giving devoted runway fans a chance to own a piece of fashion history. Made with bespoke fabrics, the runway collection boasts Bahnsen's love for ornate detailing and dramatic silhouettes.

Joining the runway department is the bridal category, which features a selection of both archival and seasonal pieces. Rosettes, delicate tulle, coquettish bows and veils, offering brides a whimsical wardrobe for their wedding day. Meanwhile, the archival range utilizes leftover fabric simply too beautiful to be thrown away. The sustainable method breathes new life into the materials, resulting in responsible and utterly beautiful clothing available while fabric lasts.

Take a look at a few of Cecilie Bahnsen's made-to-order pieces in the gallery above, which are launching exclusively on the brand's website.