Celeb Event Planner Shares Advice for Planning the Best Bachelorette Party: 'Toast . . . Don't Roast the Bride'

"Remember the goal is to celebrate the bride, have fun and create an enjoyable and a memorable experience," Lisa Vorce tells PEOPLE

<p>Allan Zepeda; Getty</p> Lisa Vorce (left)

Allan Zepeda; Getty

Lisa Vorce (left)

Being put in charge of organizing a bachelorette party or trip is a big deal — and it involves more than just securing matching shirts for the bridal party.

Celebrities are leading the charge when it comes to mainstreaming lavish pre-wedding getaways. From the Bachelor in Paradise star Caelynn Miller-Keyes' weekend in San Diego filled with custom Juicy Couture outfits and a different theme for each day of the trip, to reality star Serena Pitt’s big getaway to Las Vegas with friends at the Venetian Resort — bachelorette trips are only getting bigger.

Lisa Vorce, a seasoned celebrity event planner, shares exclusive insights with PEOPLE on how to help a bride-to-be celebrate her final moments of being single in style.

Her number one piece of advice? "Toast the bride — but don’t roast the bride."

"Make the bride the center of attention,” the founder of Lisa Vorce CO tells PEOPLE. “But don’t embarrass her. Remember the goal is to celebrate the bride, have fun and create an enjoyable and a memorable experience that matches her preferences and personality.”

When it comes to planning a party or weekend adventure for the bride, she also says the earlier the better, especially if the plan involves a destination party with flights. How soon should planning for a destination bachelorette party begin? “Six to eight months in advance,” Vorce recommends.

In addition to planning the event as early as possible, Vorce says communication is key.

She adds: “Send out important reminders 48 hours before the trip starts: Hotel or Airbnb address, and details, arrival and departure dates and times, must-have packing items and summary of weekend itinerary.”

Read on for more of Vorce's advice on how to plan the perfect bachelorette party or getaway.

<p>Allan Zepeda</p> Celebrity wedding planner Lisa Vorce

Allan Zepeda

Celebrity wedding planner Lisa Vorce

What are the most common mistakes you see people make when it comes to planning a bachelorette party or trip?

Not sticking to the budget. Instead, come up with an attendee-approved budget prior to the party. Remember there’s a wedding too, which comes with lots of expenses (attire, travel, gifts . . .). Failing to establish and stick to a budget can lead to financial stress for everyone involved.

Avoid micromanaging the itinerary — especially on a bachelorette party trip. Plan fun events followed by some downtime or non-scheduled events, so that everyone invited can celebrate together while also selecting some rest and relaxation activities that specifically suit them.

Last but not least: Not hydrating is a big mistake. Water, water, water!

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What trends do you see emerging for bachelorette parties and trips?

I am so excited about the trends I see. Bachelorette parties are becoming more inclusive, recognizing that not all brides may want a traditional girls-only event.

Destination bachelorette parties were already popular, and now they are being combined with bridal wellness activities. How perfect to follow a night out with sunrise yoga, spa sessions, and meditation treatments. Celebrating as well as helping the bride feel her physical and mental best before the wedding is key,

For our brides, sustainability is becoming a significant consideration for bachelorette parties and weddings. Eco-friendly destination choices, plastic-free decor, non-ocean harming sunscreens, and sustainable gift bags are gaining popularity.

Do you have a favorite celebrity bachelorette party or trip you’ve ever planned?

We can’t reveal names of course — but one of our favorite celebrity clients asked us to plan a last minute bachelorette night out while she was in Las Vegas.

In a matter of four hours — and lots of phone calls — our team put together an unforgettable night planned for our bride and her closest friends.

Where can people find inspiration for their bachelorette?

For general ideas, Pinterest and Instagram are a treasure trove of bachelorette party ideas. You can search for specific themes, destinations, decorations, games, etc.

For destination ideas, start following curated travel or hotel websites. I love Tablet Hotels and Mr&MrsSmith.com — both of these sites curate hotels and destinations all over the world that inspire me and the parties I've created.

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How can people make their bachelorette party or trip the most cost-efficient and affordable?

One of the easiest money saving tips is to select off-peak travel dates, or a local venue during a weeknight.

As for optimal planning, before any wedding or bachelorette party, I chat with my clients about their top five must-haves for their party, followed by setting a realistic budget. Once you have everyone’s input on those items, you can make better choices.

For example, let's say you want to plan a bachelorette party destination weekend, but your budget is limited. Choose a closer destination, rather than far away. Choose an airbnb or private home where you can share accommodation costs. Opt for one night out at a restaurant, followed by a home-cooked meal (and much less expensive drinks) the next night.

Any packing tips?

For any international bachelorette parties, we make sure our bachelorettes have their travel documents in order. A valid passport with at least six months validity. Any necessary visas, if applicable. I also recommend international travel insurance. You can purchase it for under $40 for the week.

If we are planning the party, we pack our party supplies: party decorations and props, party favors or gift bags for attendees, or activities you’ve planned for the party.

Other must-haves: Designate the most music-loving attendee to prepare playlists and bring a bluetooth speaker. Also set up a shared folder or hashtag for all attendees to drop video and photo into.

Finally, we always recommend packing snacks that you have at home. There are often travel delays or expensive room mini bars, so having snacks is really helpful. Remember to watch for import restrictions though!

How can someone add their personal touch to a bachelorette?

There are so many easy ways (and helpful websites like Etsy) for doing this.

Create items and favors that reflect the bride. Before the party send the itinerary and a custom luggage tag to all attendees. At the party, use decorations in the bride’s favorite colors; create custom welcome gifts — tees, hats, sunscreen — compile a photo album or slideshow featuring pictures of the bride and attendees from past adventures or memorable moments together; get the bride's favorite foods and drinks; make a special playlist; personalize games, such as a quiz around the bride.

After the party, create a keepsake or craft that reminds the bride of the bachelorette experience. For example, you could make friendship bracelets or decorate photo frames that you will have upon your return home.

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