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Zendaya has a coloring station at home

Disney star turned Hollywood breakout Zendaya spends a lot of time in the spotlight. So when the 21-year-old needs to calm herself down, she goes back to her childhood roots. “I literally have a coloring station at my house,” Zendaya tweeted. “In my house we all find it quite therapeutic. It helps me with stress.”
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How celebs like Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Lopez, and Kris Jenner de-stress

Last year was a record-breaking one for anxiety in America. For the first time since 2007, the American Psychological Association’s survey “Stress in America” revealed an increase in stress overall. This January, an international study revealed that of the huge number who suffer from anxiety worldwide, just 10 percent receive acceptable treatment.

Celebrities, despite their fame, are not immune from this epidemic. In recent years, many have begun speaking out about their own struggles with anxiety and other mental health issues, and sharing ways that they cope. Although these shouldn’t be considered a substitute for things like psychotherapy or psychiatric medicine, they can — at the very least — help you to de-stress after an anxiety-ridden day.