Channing Tatum accused of ripping off strippers

Cassam Looch
Yahoo UK Movies News

Two former strippers who worked with Channing Tatum in Florida have accused the actor of ripping off their life stories for his new movie ‘Magic Mike’.

‘Magic Mike’, which is directed by Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh, is said to be based on Channing Tatum's rise to the Hollywood A-list following his days as a struggling male stripper.

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However, speaking to TMZ, Thomas 'Awesome' Austin and London Steele say that the film is based more on their lives than that of Tatum. The pair also claim that the name 'Magic Mike' was actually coined for another dancer.

Austin has also said that the ‘brotherhood’ of male dancers feel betrayed by the actor for not involving them in the movie.

Austin and Steele have only seen parts of the finished film, but they say they've seen enough to know that without them, Tatum wouldn't have any material.

In addition, Austin has branded the actor an 'amateur', and asked how many of the events in the film could have happened to Tatum in the four months he performed on stage.
Representatives for Tatum have yet to respond to the claims.

'Magic Mike' has already got tongues wagging over a trailer featuring sexy routines and acres of male flesh. The film is released in the UK on 11 July.