Chaotic toddler wipes messy face on dad’s shirt: ‘Dads are nothing more than paper towels’

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Parents love their kids, but that doesn’t mean being a parent is always fun.

Kids will be kids. That means they aren’t always thinking about how their actions affect others. This poor dad made the innocent mistake of trusting his little girl not to use him as a handkerchief. A clip of the hilarious moment was posted on Reddit’s (aptly titled) “Watch People Die Inside” forum by @mrnicewatch23.

The father and daughter were out dining at a restaurant. The toddler was enjoying some noodles when she noticed some of the sauce had gotten on her face. First, she tried to wipe it off with her hand.

Then, while her dad otherwise minded his own business, she turned to him and wiped her face all over the sleeve of his white T-shirt. The father looked over at the girl in utter horror. Meanwhile, his little girl looked totally satisfied.

“I did this as a small child. Now, I have an uncle known as ‘uncle napkin,’ and it gets brought up quite often,” a user joked.

“I was judging him harshly at first, but the girl’s face turns evil at the very end. We’re witnessing a war, not just one battle,” another wrote.

“We dads are nothing more than convenient, walking, talking paper towels. Yup, love my kids,” a person said.

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