Charli D'Amelio Thanks Parents for 'Looking Out' for Her: 'A Weight off of My Shoulders' (Exclusive)

The TikTok star launched D'Amelio Footwear with her sister Dixie, mom Heidi and dad Marc

Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty
Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty

Charli D'Amelio couldn't imagine better coworkers than her families.

"There's no one in my life that I know who work as hard to protect me as my parents," TikTok star Charli D'Amelio told PEOPLE Thursday at the launch party for D'Amelio Footwear in Los Angeles. "That was something that was a weight off of my shoulders because I'm not worrying about anyone's intentions because these are my parents and I know they're always looking out for the best and in me and us as a family. I love that."

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Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty
Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty

Charli, 19, teamed up with her older sister Dixie and mom Heidi to launch D'Amelio Footwear, which features sandals, sneakers, boots and heels.

"We enjoy working with each other as a family, so that was definitely never something that was out of the question," Charli said. "There's a lot of girls in our family and shoes are something that we can all agree on. It's difficult to find a really really cute but also very comfortable pair of shoes and with D'Amelio brands, we wanted to make something that I think was missing a little bit."

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The Dancing with the Stars season 30 winner said her dad Marc pitches in, too, with the line by doing "a lot of the behind-the-scenes" work.

"He's the person that makes sure the boxes look perfect and the tissue paper and the boxes and the font and everything like that," Charli said. "That's all him, and he doesn't give himself enough credit. He does so much for not just footwear, but the family and D'Amelio brands as a whole. [We're] very, very thankful that we have him around us to think about the things that not everyone else thinks about."

Heidi, 51, concurred, "Marc's probably done the most like brain work with all of this."

Lou Rocco/ABC
Lou Rocco/ABC

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Marc, 54, admitted he and his wife felt like "fish out of water because we didn't know social media as much as well as Dixie and Charli did." But because of his business background (he previously founded the Madsoul Clothing Company and the Level 4 Collective Showroom), Marc's expertise fit right in when it came to D'Amelio Footwear.

"I've started a bunch of brands and worked for really great companies, so this kind of made it a little bit more comfortable for me," Marc said. "It's kind of funny how I look at [my daughters] sometimes, like, where did you learn that? And I'm like, oh, yeah, you probably learned something we did 10 years ago."

Charli loves having her parents on this journey with her. "I know that they're going to always take my opinions and my questions into consideration, regardless of whether or not they might agree with them," she said. "I think that's something really powerful that I can't get that anywhere else."

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