Charlie Hunnam laments Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur' movie flopping so badly

Charlie Hunnam and pals in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Credit: Warner Bros)
Charlie Hunnam and pals in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Warner Bros)

Charlie Hunnam would like to have another go at making a King Arthur movie, the actor has said.

Guy Ritchie's take on the fantasy legend, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, was both battered by critics and took a pasting at the box office on its release in 2017, despite an all-star cast.

Hunnam played the young would-be king of England, alongside Djimon Hounsou, Aiden Gillen, Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, Jude Law and Eric Bana (plus a cameo from David Beckham).

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Costing a unexpectedly massive $175 million (about £134 million) to make, it only made back $148.7 million (£114 million).

Speaking on SiriusXM's Radio Andy show with Andy Cohen, Hunnam said: “I’d like to go back to King Arthur because there’s a lot of things went wrong during that and a lot of things that were out of our control, and I just don’t think we ended up matching the aspiration.

“We just didn’t quite make the movie we wanted, and the idea was that in success we would’ve made several of those films. I’m really captivated by the Arthurian legends and I just felt like we really missed an opportunity to tell a long-form story.”

Jude Law in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Credit: Warner Bros)
Jude Law in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Warner Bros)

He, somewhat tantalisingly, went on: “There was a piece of miscasting that ended up crippling the central story line. It’s actually not in the film anymore.”

Nonetheless, critics panned it.

The Chicago Tribune called it “a grim and stupid thing”, while The Observer added that ‘a murky video game aesthetic and impatient, maniacally fast cutting do it no favours’.

That said, some liked its knockabout tone.

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The Guardian said: “Ritchie’s film is at all times over the top, crashing around its digital landscapes in all manner of beserkness, sometimes whooshing along, sometimes stuck in the odd narrative doldrum. But it is often surprisingly entertaining.”

The movie was eventually delayed by almost a year, originally slated by Warner Bros for July 2016, but not emerging until May the following.

Warner Bros also planned for the movie to be a potential franchise, with additional potential character spin-off movies, but, sadly, the studio is yet to return to Camelot.

Hunnam is currently starring in Ritchie’s latest caper The Gentlemen, alongside Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell and Hugh Grant.