Charlize Theron on being single: 'I need a man to grow a pair and step up’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 30: Actress Charlize Theron attends the "Long Shot" New York Premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on April 30, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Charlize Theron has said she is ‘shockingly single’ and needs a man ‘to grow a pair and step up’.

You would think a Hollywood star would have a pretty strict criteria, but all it takes to be eligible is to be able to make her laugh, and, preferably, be able to grow a good beard.

The South African born actress, who has not dated since splitting from Sean Penn in 2015, told the Sun on Sunday: “I’ve been single for years.

“Somebody just needs to grow a pair and step up. I’m shockingly available.

“I’m starting to open myself up emotionally to perhaps finding the love of my life.”

The mother of two added: “Now my littlest one is taking care of herself, so my time is opening up a little bit more. I’m just looking for a good human.”

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Speaking of her separation from Penn, who she dated since 2013, Theron said: “When you leave a relationship there has to be some crazy story or some crazy drama.

“We were in a relationship and then it didn’t work any more so we both decided to separate. That’s it.”

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - MAY 16: Sean Penn and Charlize Theron attend the AIDS Solidarity Gala at Hofburg Vienna on May 16, 2015 in Vienna, Austria. (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Life Ball 2015/Getty Images)

The 43-year-old star has been busy in recent years after adopting her two children, Jackson, seven, and three-year-old August. She said of her lifestyle: “I was raising two small children and your life just becomes very all-consuming.

“They need you for everything and I’m a single mum with one nanny. It’s not like I have a ton of help, and I really wanted to be a mum, so I was enjoying it.”

She said: “I love being a mum. They get up at 5.30am every day. I make them breakfast. I pack their lunches.

“On the weekends we hang out with family and friends. I’ll cook lasagne for them or steak. We do a lot of grilling. They are mischievous, healthy, funny, so yes, we are really happy.”

Sounding like she is writing a very specific dating profile, the Oscar winner added: “I live a very, very simple life, meaning I’m not a high-maintenance person. I have lived in the same house for 25 years.

“I don’t have a bunch of homes, I have one. I don’t have a staff of ­people, I like doing s**t for myself.”

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Stopping just short of saying she likes long walks in the country and going to the cinema, Theron finished: “I want to have a good time, I want to laugh.

“It depends on the guy. A man can grow a good beard, I like that.

“I don’t want guys who don’t grow good beards to grow beards, like those patchy ones. I’m not a fan of that.”

Form an orderly queue, bearded funny men willing to grow a pair and step up.