Check out the first look at Mary Poppins Returns

Ben Arnold
Poppins… first pics show the new take on the Hollywood classic – Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Here we have the first look at the new Mary Poppins – with Emily Blunt as the magical nanny, and Lin-Manuel Miranda as her lamp-lighting chum Jack.

Entertainment Weekly got the scoop, emblazoning Blunt on its front cover, and all being well, this could well be a worthy successor to the first, most classic of movie musicals.

It also gives us a first glimpse of the Banks children, all grown up.

(Credit: Entertainment Weekly)

Ben Whishaw plays Michael Banks, while Emily Mortimer plays his sister Jane, the kids who first ushered in their nanny with a heart-felt letter sent up the chimney.

Also featured are the new children; Pixie Davies as Annabel Banks, Joel Dawson as Georgie Banks and Nathaneal Saleh as John Banks.

(Credit: Entertainment Weekly)

The movie, directed by ‘Chicago’s Rob Marshall, picks up in the Great Depression, with Jane and Michael visited by Poppins following a family tragedy which has left them ‘numb and joyless’, and leading Michael to forget the joyful lessons he was taught as a child.

Also starring are Julie Walters, Colin Firth, and Meryl Streep, with an added cameo from original star Dick Van Dyke and another from Angela Lansbury as a balloon lady.

It’s due out at Christmas 2018.

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