Check Out Iron Man's New 'Spider-Man Homecoming' Armor Thanks to Action Figure Pic

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We know Tony Stark gives Peter Parker a Spidey suit upgrade for Spider-Man: Homecoming; turns out, Stark has also been busy tweaking Iron Man’s costume in time for the forthcoming film. Although we got a brief glimpse of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) zooming into action alongside the wall-crawler (Tom Holland) at the end of the trailer released in December, there hasn’t been a clear look at the latest iteration of Stark’s battle armor until now. Hasbro, which has been busy releasing images of its upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe toys ahead of next week’s New York Toy Fair, has revealed the new-look Iron Man as part of its Marvel Legends line of highly detailed 6-inch action figures.

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(Courtesy of Hasbro)

The new gear is a departure from the previous Iron Man suits seen in the MCU, featuring more grey mixed in with the familiar red-and-gold scheme. The colors hark back to Marvel’s Ultimate Iron Man comic.

(Courtesy of Marvel)

For comparison, here’s the suit Stark was rocking when last on screen, in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

(Photo: Marvel)

The Iron Man action figure will be available in the Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Two-Pack (available this fall for $39.99), accompanied by this deluxe Spidey figure.

(Courtesy of Hasbro)

In addition to the multipack, there will be solo 6-inch Legends figures featuring variations on Spider-Man’s suit, including his low-budget homemade outfit and his web-winged costume, as well as Michael Keaton’s villainous Vulture sans wings. The individual figures will be in stories this spring for $19.99 apiece; each package will include pieces that will form the previously announced winged Vulture build-a-figure.

Spider-Man, Homemade Suit (Courtesy of Hasbro)
Web Wings Spider-Man (Courtesy of Hasbro)
Vulture (Courtesy of Hasbro)
Vulture Build-a-Figure (Courtesy of Hasbro)

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7.

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