Chelsea: Mauricio Pochettino open to Tottenham return as he discusses Blues fans

Chelsea: Mauricio Pochettino open to Tottenham return as he discusses Blues fans

Mauricio Pochettino has admitted he must succeed at Chelsea to enjoy the same relationship with the fans as he did at Tottenham and didn't rule out one day returning to his former club.

The Argentine on Monday faces an emotional reunion with the club which propelled him to football stardom. It will be the first time he has faced Tottenham since his sacking four years ago.

Asked whether he could imagine himself returning to Tottenham, Pochettino feels his new Chelsea connection would not put Spurs off and the Blues would not block a move.

He told reporters: “Who knows? It’s like life, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. We need to enjoy today. I think now [that I am] 51, I am thinking more about that and enjoying today and not looking too much in the future, in the long term. But, why not?”

"Why [would Chelsea block a move]? Hopefully, I can stay here until I die! 20 or 25 years, but you never know in football. It’s a club, for sure if I’m not working, maybe if they want me one day… why not?”

Pochettino was full of kind words about his former employers and admits he is yet to feel that same connection at Chelsea. Supporters have booed his side off the pitch in three of their six home league matches as the players struggle for form and fitness.

Pochettino admits only success would allow him to replicate the love he had from fans at Chelsea to the level it was at Spurs.

“After four months? I cannot lie [it is not the same feeling from the fans],” he added. “I hope we can arrive on the same level that I had at Tottenham. Because then it would mean we are doing really well here.

“Of course, I expect one day to be on the same level but I cannot lie, at the moment, no. It is a tough situation.”