Cher told to reach settlement over bid for son's conservatorship

Cher and her son have been asked to reach an agreement in their conservatorship battle.

The singer's bid for a conservatorship over her son Elijah Blue Allman's finances was rejected in January, but now they've been granted a three-month grace period to try to reach an agreement outside the court.

Cher, 77, originally requested she be granted a conservatorship over Allman's financial trust in December 2023, arguing, via her lawyers, "she feared that her son would not be alive within the year" if he was left in control of his money.

This was because, her lawyers said, Allman, 47, had a "history of drug use" and a "schizoaffective disorder" diagnosis.

However, that bid was denied as Allman returned a clean drug test and appeared to have successfully managed his finances

Allman's lawyers said this week they believe Cher intends to drag out the process until he can no longer afford to pay for legal representation.

"We are concerned that this is an effort to continue this case further and further until Mr. Allman is left dry," Steven Bremer, Allman's attorney said on Wednesday.

Bremer added he could not see how the two parties could come to an agreement independently.

"This is not like a family law matter where several issues need to be resolved," he said. "There is one issue and that is the conservatorship of my client... I'm not certain what middle ground we can find."