Kara Killmer as Brett in Chicago Fire Season 12 premiere.
Kara Killmer as Brett in Chicago Fire Season 12 premiere.

Spoilers ahead for Episode 9 of Chicago Fire Season 12, called "Something About Her."

Chicago Fire is officially in its post-Brett era after Kara Killmer's departure, and it initially seemed like Violet would be the remaining Firehouse 51 hero most affected by losing Brett. In "Something About Her," it turned out that Mouch also had to process losing her, in a very different and very dangerous way. He was targeted by a stalker in an extremely harrowing situation. While it's great for him that it was wrapped up before the end of "Something About Her," it had me so close to the edge of my seat that I kind of wish it had continued beyond just one episode of the 2024 TV schedule.

The ninth episode of Season 12 confirmed that Mouch was continuing the paramedicine program even without Brett as his partner, and it was downright heartwarming to see him going the extra mile for their patient Kathy, who had trouble remembering her meds. He even brought her some lasagna that Trudy made, and based on the recipe, I couldn't blame Kathy for looking ready to swoon.

It didn't take long for the heartwarming extra mile and Kathy looking swoony to be a lot less endearing and a lot more unsettling, though. Kathy showed up at 51 to return the empty lasagna container, and then refused to leave, even going to sleep on one of the beds in the bunk room. It seemed like that could be the end of the story for at least this episode.... until Mouch went home to Trudy (with a guest appearance from Chicago P.D.'s Amy Morton), who was sitting at the dining room table with Kathy.

As Kathy announced that she'd brought Trudy a bundt cake to thank her for all the food she'd sent with her husband, Mouch tried to stealthily get Trudy alone in the kitchen to alert her that something was very wrong. And if you were a Chicago Fire fan who has never also watched Chicago P.D., you might have thought that Mouch would have to save himself from whatever Kathy had in mind.

Instead, Trudy came back into the room, slammed Kathy's face into the table, and put her under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. The deadly weapon? A razor blade, baked into the bundt cake. She revealed that she had a CPD sergeant on duty run Kathy's name and discovered that Kathy had spent four years in a psychiatric facility for attempted murder. Way to go, Trudy!

Of course I wouldn't wish this close call on Brett as well as Mouch, and it likely couldn't have happened if Kara Killmer hadn't left via the fishy Brettsey wedding, leaving Mouch running paramedicine solo. And it would be tough on Mouch if this storyline with Kathy as a stalker extended beyond "Something About Her."

But dang it, it was such a suspenseful episode and put Christian Stolte in the spotlight in a way that I would have been all over watching this storyline for another couple of weeks, or even to the end of Season 12. I wouldn't wish it on him beyond Season 12, though, especially in light of Chicago Fire's renewal for Season 13. What can I say? I enjoy the kind of stress that comes with a harrowing Fire situation!

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