As Chicago Med Continues To 'Plant Seeds' For Hannah And Ripley, Luke Mitchell Opens Up About Working With Jessy Schram

 Luke Mitchell as Dr. Mitch Ripley and Jessy Schram as Dr. Hannah Asher in Chicago Med Season 9.
Luke Mitchell as Dr. Mitch Ripley and Jessy Schram as Dr. Hannah Asher in Chicago Med Season 9.

Chicago Med has been on a break in the 2024 TV schedule since late February, but Season 9 returns with a new episode this week to check back in with the doctors and nurses in the ED. While newcomer Dr. Mitch Ripley already had some baggage with Dr. Charles when he arrived in Season 9, he's also forming a sweet but currently undefined bond with Hannah Asher. Actor Luke Mitchell spoke with CinemaBlend about playing Ripley on Med and what it's like to work with Jessy Schram as their characters continue getting closer.

Initially, it seems like Ripley had so much baggage from his past that he wouldn't be able to form many connections beyond Dr. Charles in Season 9. In fact, the most recent episode even involved a fistfight in the ED when somebody from his past turned up. Still, he and Hannah have shared some strong moments both at the hospital and in their personal lives when her dip back into the dating pool backfired.

Med hasn't made any moves toward a romantic connection at this point, but it's never wise to rule out a potential workplace romance in One Chicago. When I spoke with Luke Mitchell, he shared his thoughts on the pace that the show is taking with Ripley and Hannah:

I'm still curious to know what the writers' intentions are for these characters, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Whether these two end up getting together or not, I think it's a really interesting dynamic. And they're just starting to plant seeds of some sort of relationship, whether it be good friends or something more or just respected colleagues. I'm not entirely sure, but I think they're laying the groundwork for a really interesting dynamic.

Given that only six episodes of Chicago Med Season 9 (all available streaming via Peacock Premium subscription) have aired so far, I'd normally say that there's still plenty of time left for the relationship to be fleshed out this season. Due to the delays from the WGA writers strike and SAG-AFTRA actors strike, however, the ninth season is expected to only run for thirteen episodes. Whatever groundwork is being laid, only half the season is left at this point!

Of course, Hannah's strongest bond over the past couple of seasons has been with Dean Archer, in a development that surprised everybody from Jessy Schram herself to the co-showrunners as they planned the course for Season 9. Ripley is a very different kind of character, to say the least! Luke Mitchell only had good things to say about Schram as a scene partner:

Jessy is wonderful. I love working with her. I think she's a great actress, and she plays her character so well. She's just kind of a breath of fresh air. I wasn't up to date with the storylines on the show previously, so I was very fresh coming in. In terms of her backstory, I was not too familiar with it. It's just been really nice to just come in and do my thing, and get each script as it comes in and see these characters start to interact and to maybe bond a little bit.

It's no surprise that Luke Mitchell wasn't entirely up to date on everything Chicago Med when he joined the show. The actor explained that it was a "very, very fast turnaround" that led to his casting as Mitch Ripley, with just days between his audition and his arrival in Chicago to start work. Considering that Mitchell had to relocate from Adelaide, Australia for the role, he had a lot on his plate!

While it remains to be seen what Med has in store for Ripley and Hannah, a promo for the new episode on March 20 gives a peek at what to expect:

The promo doesn't give away what's coming with Luke Mitchell's character, but the preview does prove that the smooth sailing for Goodwin in her new relationship has turned into rough waters. At least S. Epatha Merkerson shared a fun story about her coworkers basically wearing pajamas to work!

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