Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Casually Dropped the News That He Knew Taylor Swift Before Travis Kelce Did

Hello and good afternoon! Today's latest Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce 🍵 comes from none other than *checks notes* Andy Reid (aka Travis' truly iconic, three-time Super Bowl-winning coach), who dished that he actually met the singer before the footballer did.

Andy recounted the mic drop-worthy news to Tom Brady and Jim Gray on their SiriusXM podcast Let's Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gary. When asked by Jim what it's been like for him and the Chiefs to have so much support coming from Taylor and her legions of fans, Andy confessed, “Yeah, listen, she's been great. I knew her before, from Philadelphia. Her dad [Scott Swift] played at [the University of] Delaware and was a big football fan and good guy. So I had met him there and her.”

taylor swift and travis kelce
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The coach then jokingly dished that Trav wasn't exactly too thrilled to hear Andy had met the celeb before he did: “So that was the last thing Trav wanted to hear, that I knew her before him. She told him, ‘I know your coach.’ And he went, ‘Oh, God, come on!’”

And in case you were wondering, yes, the convo also got kinda sorta emotional, with the 65-year-old gushing about the singer and noting how “happy for Trav” he is, which 😭😭😭😭.

Btw, the coach totally had ~thoughts~ on the Taylor Swift Effect™️ of it all and the newfound attention on both the team and Travis' relationship in general. TL;DR: “There has been no distraction that way at all. And Trav’s handled it right, she's handled it right and we just move forward. So it hasn't been a problem at all.”

A brief pause for this *chef's kiss* moment:

Andy's interview follows Taylor and Travis' internet-breaking celebration after the Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship on Sunday, January 28 (meaning they're officially set to compete in this year's Super Bowl), which, yes, we've totally been binging over and over.

The latest clip of the couple taking the world by storm? A sweet moment where the footballer appears to be saying “I love you so much it's not even funny,” to which the singer responds with “I've never been so proud of anyone, ever.”

Brb literally sobbing, hbu?

And in case Tay's feelings about the Chiefs' win aren't fully clear from these ^^ clips, a source recently told Entertainment Tonight that “Taylor and Travis are so excited that the Chiefs and Travis are heading to the Super Bowl. They’re very in love and Taylor is super proud of him. They’re both extremely dedicated and hardworking and understand each other. They are relishing in this moment.”

Good! To! Hear!!!!

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