China: Dozens of crocodiles escape farm as officials warn residents to stay indoors

More than 70 crocodiles have escaped from a farm in southern China after rainstorms hit the region.

Residents in Maoming, a city near the coast in western Guangdong province, have been told to stay inside until the animals are caught.

An emergency official said that 69 adult crocodiles and six juveniles had escaped.

Some have been captured but the operation is being hampered by the depth of the lake they are in.

Further west, seven people died and three are missing after multiple landslides in the city of Yulin in the Guangxi region.

The official Xinhua News Agency said the landslides were caused by heavy rain on Sunday and Monday.

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The rain caused flash floods in Hong Kong last week, killing two people.

Parts of the city were flooded again following a heavy downpour on Monday.

Hong Kong leader John Lee said the government would set up an emergency assistance fund to help those affected by the floods.