Chinese Justice League posters show DC heroes executing Marvel heroes

Ben Arnold

Sure, there’s probably some friendly rivalry between the DC Comics superheroes and their compadres over at Marvel.

But the posters for the release of Justice League in China have really ramped it up a notch, showing the Avengers and other Marvel heroes in various states of dismemberment as Superman, Batman and pals lay them to waste.

(Credit: Warner Bros/Weibo)

iQiyi, a Chinese video hosting site which is providing official promos for the movie, and the ticketing app of the country’s biggest cinema chain Wanda have both been caught out using the image.

Posts on Reddit and social media also suggest that it’s being used by ‘multiple’ other Chinese movies theatres too.

(Credit: Weibo)

The poster shows Deadpool impaled on Aquaman’s trident, Batman holding the severed head of Thor, Wolverine being stabbed through the chest, The Flash with his foot on Captain America’s head, Superman crushing Ant-Man in his fist, and Iron Man lying around in pieces.

According to reports, iQiyi has removed the image, but many other cinemas are still running with it, and video has turned up on Chinese social media site Weibo of the poster being used as promotion on an elevator door.

(Credit: Weibo)

Perhaps the graphic images have put people off – Forbes reports that despite opening on a massive 20,500 screens in China, twice as many screens as Avengers: Age of Ultron, it’s failed meet expectations, and will likely be ‘humbled’ by Thor: Ragnarok.

Where Justice League has made $51 million over its opening weekend, it’s expected that it will struggle to get near to ‘Thor’s projected $112 million haul.

The movie has been battered liberally by critics, and as far as worldwide box office takings so far go, it’s the lowest opening for a DC Extended Universe movie yet.

In all, it’s made $278.8 million worldwide, a decent figure on the surface, but only helping it reach the 24th highest opening weekend ever, and trailing behind the even more poorly reviewed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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